Meet Our Speakers

Chlora Lindley-Myers (Event Host)

Missouri Department of Commerce & Insurance

Chlora Lindley-Myers was appointed director of the Missouri Department of Commerce and Insurance. She was confirmed by the Missouri Senate on April 13, 2017. She leads the department that protects consumers and ensures a strong and stable insurance market through the regulation of professionals and businesses that impact Missourians’ lives daily.

She has served in several senior positions in the legislative, judicial and executive branches of government. She has also served in leadership roles in the regulatory and insurance industries, as well as within the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). In addition to Missouri, she has worked for both the Kentucky Department of Insurance and the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance, and for the NAIC.

She holds an undergraduate degree from Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts and a law degree from the University of Connecticut. Chlora is licensed to practice law in various states, including Missouri. She has received national recognition for her work. As the Deputy Commissioner of Tennessee’s Department of Commerce and Insurance, she was awarded the Robert Dineen Award for Outstanding Service and Contribution to the State Regulation of Insurance. In August of 2020, she received the Al Greer Award for her exceptional dedication, knowledge and support of the field of insurance regulation by the Insurance Examiners Regulatory Society (IRES).

Director Lindley-Myers currently serves as Vice President of the NAIC. She continues to serve on the Executive (EX) Committee and the Government Relations Leadership Committee. Chlora currently also serves in additional leadership roles with the NAIC, Chair of the Reinsurance (E) Task Force, Vice-Chair of the Market Information Systems (D) Task Force, Vice Chair of the Consumer Participation Board of Trustees, Co-Vice Chair of the Special (EX) Committee on Race and Insurance, member of the Financial Condition (E) Committee, and member of the International Insurance Relations (G) Committee.

Oliver Boyd

U.S. Geological Survey

Oliver Boyd is a Research Geophysicist with the United States Geological Survey studying multiple issues relevant to seismic hazards. He began with the National Seismic Hazards Modeling Project in Golden, CO in 2004 studying time-dependent seismic hazard in Alaska and producing a seismic hazard analysis of Afghanistan, the latter being done in conjunction with other U.S. Agency for International Development’s reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan. He moved to the USGS office in Memphis, TN in 2007, collocated with the University of Memphis Center for Earthquake Research and Information, to focus on earthquake hazards in the central and eastern United States (CEUS) and returned to Golden in 2013 to work on issues related to earthquake hazards across the conterminous United States, specifically those related to earthquake ground motions as part of the Ground Motion Project. 

Much of Oliver’s past research has centered on several aspects of earthquake hazards including time-dependent earthquake probabilities, earthquake magnitude, and earthquake stress drop. He helped revise CEUS source models for the 2008 and 2014 updates of the National Seismic Hazard Model (NSHM) and helped to incorporate basin models in the western United States for the 2018 update of the NSHM. More recently, he has been helping to construct a geology-based National Crustal Model for earthquake hazard studies. 

Prior to joining the Survey, Oliver studied Geology at the University of Colorado at Boulder and worked for Geo-Insight in Denver, Colorado and Western Geophysical in Houston, Texas, and on seismic crews in the deserts of Algeria and Egypt. He returned to academics and obtained his Ph.D. in Geophysics from the University of Colorado at Boulder. His graduate research included laboratory experiments of seismic wave attenuation in artificial glass cracks and glass bead cylinders, tomographic modeling of seismic wave attenuation and velocity beneath the western United States, and receiver function studies in New Zealand.

Serena Sowers

Swiss Re

Serena Sowers is a Vice President at Swiss Re, who focuses on creating insurance-based solutions to critical global challenges, including natural catastrophes, climate change, healthcare, food security, infrastructure, and longevity. Serena works with government entities at the federal, state, and local levels to identify risks and develop risk transfer options. Serena is passionate about building strong and resilient communities by enabling individuals, governments, and businesses to plan for and recover quickly from shocks and stressors. 

Carrie Couch

Missouri Department of Commerce & Insurance

Carrie Couch currently serves as the Director of the Consumer Affairs Division for the Missouri Department of Commerce and Insurance. The Consumer Affairs Division handles and mediates consumer complaints against insurance companies and agents and provides consumer outreach and education to Missourians. Carrie began her career with the department in 2000, in the legal section. In 2007, she moved to the Consumer Affairs Division in the Agent Investigations Section and in 2010 was promoted to Chief of Investigations. She became Director of the Division of Consumer Affairs in 2014.

Jo LeDuc

Missouri Department of Commerce & Insurance

Ms. LeDuc is the Director of Insurance Market Regulation Division at the Missouri Department of Commerce and Insurance (DCI). This Division is responsible for reviewing insurance policies, rates, products and marketing strategies for compliance with Missouri law, performing market conduct examinations to ensure fair treatment of policyholders and compliance with Missouri law, and monitoring the marketplace through market analysis. Prior to joining DCI, Ms. LeDuc was with the Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI) where she served in several roles, including Deputy Director of the Bureau of Market Regulation, Insurance Administrator, and Insurance Examiner.

Ms. LeDuc has also served in various roles on committees at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). In addition to chairing the Market Analysis Priorities (MAP) Working Group and the Level 2 Analysis Ad Hoc Technical Group, she served as Wisconsin’s representative on the Market Actions Working Group (MAWG); Market Information Systems Task Force (MISTIF); Market Conduct Annual Statement (MCAS) Working Group; Market Information Systems Research & Development (MISRD) Working Group; Market Regulation Examination Standards Working Group; Market Regulation Accreditation Task Force; Market Analysis Tools Automation Ad Hoc Technical Group; and the Consumer Connections Working Group. She also played a key role in the development of the Market Conduct Annual Statement, the Market Analysis Prioritization Tool, and the Market Analysis Review System. 

She is a member and a past President of the Insurance Regulatory Examiners Society (IRES). In addition, Ms. LeDuc is a member of the Association of Insurance Compliance Professionals (AICP) and the Securities and Insurance Licensing Association (SILA). She is the recipient of the Paul DeAngelo Memorial Teaching Award, the Al Greer Achievement Award, the Chartrand Communications Award, the IRES President’s Award and the IRES Executive Committee Award. Ms. LeDuc holds a Master’s in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. In addition, she has earned the following professional designations: Chartered Property & Casualty Underwriter (CPCU); Fellow, Life Management Institute (FLMI); Associate in Claims (AIC); Associate in Insurance Data Analytics (AIDA); Associate in Insurance Regulation (IR); Associate in General Insurance (AINS); Associate in Personal (API); Associate in Insurance Regulatory Compliance (AIRC); Certified Insurance Examiner (CIE); and, Market Conduct Management (MCM).

John M. Huff

Association of Bermuda Insurers & Reinsurers

John M. Huff, President and CEO, Association of Bermuda Insurers & Reinsurers (ABIR)

John Huff is President & CEO of the Association of Bermuda Insurers & Reinsurers (ABIR). He directs the association’s worldwide public policy, regulatory, advocacy and education initiatives. In 2021, he was named to the Bermuda Risk Transfer Hall of Fame. Huff has spent his entire professional career in the Insurance sector.

He served as the 2016 President of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), the US standard-setting and regulatory support organization created and governed by the nation’s chief insurance regulators, and as Director of the Missouri Department of Insurance, a position he held for eight years. In 2010, he was the first state insurance commissioner appointed to serve on the U.S. Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC), established by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. 

Prior to entering public service, Huff served in executive positions with leading global insurers and reinsurers in the United States, United Kingdom and Switzerland.

A former practicing attorney, his knowledge of the insurance industry is global in scope, spanning the United States, Bermuda, the United Kingdom, Continental Europe and Asia markets. He brings to the table a keen understanding of the public policy, regulatory, legal, financial and operational challenges that insurance and reinsurance companies face.

Huff earned his JD from Washington University School of Law and holds an MBA from St. Louis University and a BSBA from Southeast Missouri State University.

Brian Houston

Department of Communication at University of Missouri-Columbia

J. Brian Houston, PhD, is Chair and Associate Professor in the Department of Communication, Interim Chair of the Department of Sociology, Director of the Disaster and Community Crisis Center (, and Core Faculty and Health Promotion and Policy Emphasis Director for the Master of Public Health Program in the Department of Public Health at the University of Missouri. 

Houston’s research is interdisciplinary and focuses on communication at all phases of disasters and community crises. His work examines the mental, behavioral, and public health effects of these events. Houston’s work considers maladaptive outcomes following disasters such as distress and dysfunction, but also explores how humans are adaptive and resilient following collective traumatic events. He teaches courses on disaster, risk, and crisis communication.  

Houston’s work has been supported by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), National Institute for Nursing Research (NINR), U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and the Reynolds Journalism Institute (RJI).

Lori Croy

Missouri Department of Commerce & Insurance

Lori Croy is the director of communications for the Missouri Department of Commerce and Insurance. Her focus is on helping Missouri citizens understand “who we are, what we do and how we can help them.” In addition, she is responsible for communicating with industry partners in the areas of insurance, banking, credit unions and professional licensing to ensure the protection of consumers while also maintaining a safe, level and competitive playing field. While this may sound boring, Lori gets to talk about everything from bail bondsmen to earthquakes – yes, that’s really a thing in Missouri! 

 She also has 24 years of experience in higher education and private consulting. Lori is interested in a truly integrated communications strategy – taking down the traditional departmental silos and putting the needs of the audience first. She has a passion for people and internal communications and believes humor is one of her communications superpowers. 

In addition to being creative in her government role, Lori is also a published children’s book author and a food blogger. 

Jeff Briggs

Missouri State Emergency Management Agency

Jeff Briggs is the earthquake program manager for the Missouri State Emergency Management Agency. He heads SEMA’s earthquake preparedness and outreach activities, and coordinates operations for the Missouri Seismic Safety Commission and the Missouri SAVE (Structural Assessment and Visual Evaluation) Coalition. He’s also past-president of the National Earthquake Program Managers work group. He’s worked in state government for 30 years, handling communications, training and project management for SEMA as well as the Missouri Department of Transportation.

Lisa Groshong 

NAIC’s Center for Insurance Policy and Research

Lisa Groshong is CIPR’s Communication Research Scientist. She joined the NAIC in 2019.

Dr. Groshong has research experience in qualitative and quantitative methods and brings to CIPR a background in journalism, strategic communications, and education. She specializes in translating complex data into clear, actionable insights related to some of today’s most pressing issues, including climate change and health. At NAIC, Dr. Groshong has conducted research and analysis in a variety of subject areas, including an analysis of NAIC’s climate risk disclosure survey. She is currently working on projects related to long-term care insurance, cyber security, and earthquake.  

Before joining the NAIC, Dr. Groshong worked on a multi-year project examining climate change perceptions among Missouri State Parks visitors, funded by the National Science Foundation. She also spent many years as a writer and editor for daily newspapers, encyclopedias and magazines and in strategic communications.

Dr. Groshong earned her PhD in Human Dimensions of Natural Resources at the University of Missouri. She also holds an MFA in fiction writing from the University of Alabama and a Bachelor of Journalism from the Missouri School of Journalism. She served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Zambia and Georgia. 

Brian Hastings

Alabama Emergency Management Agency

Colonel (ret) Brian Hastings is the current Director of the Alabama Emergency Management Agency. Brian’s passion for public service, science and flight led him to enter the United States Air Force Academy in 1986. He graduated with an Applied Physics degree in Astrodynamics and served as an A-10 pilot in the United States Air Force from 1990 until he retired as the Commandant of the prestigious Air Command and Staff College on 1 September 2017. Prior to his retirement. Brian also served as the Wing Commander of the 47th Flying Training Wing at Laughlin AFB. and the Deputy Director of Operations of the Combat Air Forces of Air Combat Command. During his military career, Brian also earned a MS degree in Aeronautical Sciences from Embiy Riddle and a MA Degree in Resourcing National Security Strategy from the Industrial College of the Armed Forces (Eisenhower School). Additionally, for his military service he earned two Legion of Merit Medals, the Bronze Star for his service in Afghanistan, and three Meritorious Service Medals. Brian was a command pilot with more than 2,600 hours in attack and training aircraft and was an Instructor Pilot in the A-10, AT-38B and the T-38C. 

In August 2017. Governor Kay Ivey named Brian as the Director of the Alabama Emergency Management Agency and he transitioned to public service for the people of Alabama on September 5, 2017. In less than one week, the State Emergency Operations Center activated for Hurricane Irma to receive and shelter more than 250.000 evacuees from Florida while caring for the needs of Alabamians. Brian walked into the costliest and 5″’ most active Hurricane season on record since 1851. Since joining Governor Ivey’s Cabinet. Brian has led AEMA through multiple Emergency Declarations and 12 Presidential Major Disaster Declarations, in which the disasters in 2020 account for 10 percent of Alabama’s Major Disaster Declarations since 1961. 

Brian is also a graduate of the Harvard National Preparedness Leadership Initiative (NPLI) Executive Education Course and was an inaugural inductee into their 2018 Meta-leadership Project Hall of Fame for his positive impact in the fight against opioids with his involvement with community Naloxone projects. Additionally, he was honored to receive an invitation and award from the UK Consulate to participate in 2019 US Resilience Mission to the UK. 

Working to expand Alabama’s influence in national emergency management and resilience conversations. Brian holds leadership positions as the Chair of the Homeland Security Committee for the National Emergency Management Association (NEMA), the Tri-Chair of the National Homeland Security Consortium, as well as the Co-Chair of the Committee for disaster assistance to low-income citizens for the Legal Services Corporation (LSC). Brian also serves on the Board of Directors for both the Central United States Earthquake Consortium and NEMA, and he is a member of the Science Council for the Baron Critical Weather Institute. 

Brian continues to volunteer his time and has joined other national associations and local organizations like the First Responders Resource Group (FRRG), the Wright Flyers, and the Montgomery Chamber of Commerce. He is also a lifetime member of the Daedalians, Military Officers Association of America (MOAA), US Air Force Academy Association of Graduates (AOG), and the Air Force Association (AFA). 

Regardless of his noteworthy career and service. Brian will quickly tell you his greatest accomplishments are at home with his beautiful wife Eileen and three sons—Sean. Jake and Luke.

Jeffrey Czajkowski

NAIC’s Center for Insurance Policy and Research

Dr. Jeffrey Czajkowski serves as the Director of the Center for Insurance Policy and Research (CIPR) for the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). The CIPR provides research and education to drive discussion and advance thought leadership as well as action on current and emerging insurance issues amongst insurance regulators, policymakers, industry, and academics. This is accomplished through CIPR’s events, research publications, newsletter and website, the Journal of Insurance Regulation, and its extensive NAIC research library holdings. 

Prior to joining the CIPR, he served as the Managing Director for the Wharton Risk Management and Decision Processes Center at the University of Pennsylvania, conducting research on various economic and risk-related issues of natural disasters and resilience, as well as on issues of environmental economics. His work has been published in leading risk management, insurance, natural hazards, and environmental economics journals. A significant amount of his research involves working collaboratively in cross-disciplinary research teams and applying research findings through various interactions with top policymakers and senior executives in the insurance industry. This has included serving on two National Academy of Sciences committees, being an academic advisory board member for the World Economic Forum’s Global Risk Report, a member of the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH) Resilience Policy Council, and a fellow for the Willis Research Network. 

He holds a B.S. from Carnegie Mellon University, an M.S. in environmental and urban systems from Florida International University, and a Ph.D. in economics from Florida International University. Preceding graduate school, he worked in New York City as a research associate for Coopers & Lybrand Consulting and was a vice- president for JP Morgan. He has taught economic courses for over 15 years at a number of universities, and was an adjunct assistant research professor at the International Hurricane Research Center (IHRC) at FIU.

Chris Brown


Chris Brown is Principal at Mindset.

 Prior to his tenure at Mindset, Brown most recently served as Senior Professional Staff for House Financial Services Committee Ranking Member Patrick McHenry (R-NC). In this role, Brown oversaw all financial institutions and consumer credit policy matters including oversight of the federal banking regulatory agencies and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau; the chartering, branching, and M&A activity of financial institutions; data security; credit reporting and repair; financial regulatory reform; and access to financial services, among other issues. 

Prior to joining Ranking Member McHenry, Brown spent almost a decade in the office of Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer (R-MO) serving as his Deputy Chief of Staff and Financial Services Committee Designee during the Congressman’s tenure as both Chairman of the Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit and the Subcommittee on Housing and Insurance, where Brown spearheaded efforts to reform U.S. housing programs and conduct oversight of key domestic and international insurance issues.  

Before his service on Capitol Hill, Brown served in a variety of roles in the George W. Bush Administration, serving as Associate Director for the Office of Presidential Personnel at the White House, where he oversaw the agriculture, energy, environment, and interior portfolio. Brown also spent more than two years at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and as White House Liaison to the Secretary of the Interior.

 Brown has a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Vanderbilt University. He and his wife live in Washington, D.C.’s Maryland suburbs with their two sons. 

Alan McClain

Arkansas Insurance Department

Alan McClain was appointed as Arkansas’s 24th Insurance Commissioner by Governor Asa Hutchinson on April 3, 2020. Prior to his appointment, McClain served for five years as Commissioner of Arkansas Rehabilitation Services (ARS)—a sister agency of the Arkansas Insurance Department (AID) under the state Department of Commerce.

Commissioner McClain began his career in state government in 1992 at AID, spending eight years in its Public Employee Claims Division. Prior to joining AID, he served as a Claims Manager for self-insured workers’ compensation plans at the Little Rock offices of Fred S. James Insurance.

McClain served thirteen years with the Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Commission (AWCC), where he spent almost nine years as its Chief Executive Officer. While at the AWCC, he also served as the regulator for companies and groups seeking to self-insure workers’ compensation risks. In 2013 McClain left the AWCC to join the Workers’ Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he worked alongside numerous state workers’ compensation agencies as they utilized the work of WCRI in making data-driven policy decisions.

McClain served as President of the Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation between 2019-20, as well as President of the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards & Commissions (IAIABC) in 2011, where he was named Co-Chair of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC)/IAIABC Joint Working Group. During his time as Commissioner of Arkansas Rehabilitation Services, Governor Hutchinson also appointed McClain to serve on the Arkansas Workforce Development Board, and the Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities.

McClain is a native Arkansan. He holds an undergraduate degree from Hendrix College in Conway, as well as a Master of Public Administration from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Tina Owens

Arkansas Division of Emergency Management

Tina Owens is the Chief of Staff for the Arkansas Division of Emergency Management (ADEM). She began her career in emergency management in 1996 as the administrative assistant to the Plans & Operations Division. Tina advanced to a Planning Specialist position in 1999 and the Preparedness Division Director in 2006; within those positions she assisted in updating the State and County Emergency Operations Plans in coordination with state agency liaisons and local governments. She also coordinated the grants program for the Office for Domestic Preparedness (ODP), now the Department of Homeland Security, overseeing the receipt of more than $110,000,000 for the State of Arkansas. In line with her finance goals, Tina promoted to the Administration Division Director in 2007 where she continued to work with state liaisons as well as local county governments along with overseeing the agency’s State and Federal budgets. In 2012, she promoted to the Deputy Director position overseeing all daily operations of the agency as well as working with state and federal partners on many projects. Organizational changes were implemented in 2020 naming Tina the Chief of Staff for ADEM. 

Tina earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Central Arkansas at Conway in 1991. Tina and her husband James reside in Vilonia, Arkansas.

David I. Maurstad

FEMA’s Insurance & Mitigation Administration and NFIP

David Maurstad is highly regarded for his transformative leadership in communicating disaster risk, closing the insurance gap and incentivizing mitigation actions against varied natural hazards with the primary goal of reducing disaster suffering for all communities. 

A veteran emergency manager, Mr. Maurstad currently serves as the Deputy Associate Administrator of FEMA’s Insurance and Mitigation Administration and senior executive of the NFIP, the world’s largest single-peril insurance operation providing over $1.3 trillion in flood coverage to over 5 million U.S. policyholders. 

David’s expertise in emergency management and strategic risk communications stems from his substantial leadership roles in the private sector, and local and state government as a former Nebraska mayor, senator and lieutenant governor. 

Mr. Maurstad skillfully has navigated his team through the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, historic 2020 hurricane season and hundreds of high-profile disaster operations in his current role and while in past leadership positions within the Insurance and Mitigation Administration and as a former Region VIII Administrator.